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About Us

Trio Wings is a part of TRIO CONSULTANTS PVT LTD..
We have been catering to the needs of the clients since 1984 for various industries. Over the period of time, the way of DOING THE BUSINESS has changed with change in technology and the personal connection between the customer and supplier has taken a backseat, BUT we changed with the change in times. Therefore, we stepped into the Travel Business in the second half of 2018 and have now separately launched as “TRIO WINGS”.

TRIO WINGS is totally focused at providing unique travel experience to its clients at affordable cost. We have collaborated with most of the suppliers around the globe to provide services to clients at an affordable cost.
We firmly believe in delivering quality travel solutions to the business and leisure travelers.

Corporate Office:
Trio Wings
C/o Jainco
43, Palace Court,
1 Kyd Street,
Near MLA Hostel

Registered office:
2 Clive Ghat Street,
4th Floor, Room No.4A