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Weekend Escapes

Weekend Escapes

Post Covid-19 situation, Weekend Escapes are going to be the new way of travelling all around the globe. Since no place is safe to travel, we can minimize the risk of getting affected by choosing nearby destinations which are just a drive away.

Vacation is the need of the hour after a frustrating weekend or a month full of rough & tough decisions. Vacation is not only an escape from a daily mundane life, but also a way of rejuvenating yourself so that efficiency as well as overall wellbeing can be at check.

Keeping the situation in mind, we at TRIO are always equipped with the best destinations for our clients of all budgets. We have cherry picked the destinations based on reviews, accommodation, sightseeing, social distancing,etc.

So when you choose your next weekend escapes with us, be assured that we have pre-screened all the aspects and chosen the destination for you. Your safety is our priority.